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How to fill out a CMR (International Consignment Note)

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How to fill out a CMR (International Consignment Note)

The driver is obliged to present a transport document

The responsibility for taking care of the CMR lies with the client of the transport; the sender/consigner. Usually the client/sender is not able, in the case of an EXW delivery, to get a CMR at the loading address. Then the carrier will have to do this and the driver has the form with him. The driver fills out the CMR for the client/sender.

EXW Delivery

When filling out the CMR, in case of an EXW delivery (incoterms), the client of the transport (= sender) must be entered in box 1. That is NOT the loading address in this case. Someone from the loading address may sign in box 22, but then, without taking over responsibility for the transport, by mentioning the prefix C/O (care of).

The carrier is responsible for:

  • The correct indication of the name and address of the carrier;
  • Showing the consignment note, at the request of the competent authority.

The sender is responsible for:

  • Transport:
  • Taking care of the CMR/Consignment Note;
  • Signing the CMR;
  • The other legally required indications.

CMR stands for: ‘Convention relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route’.